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Moonshine except ethyl alcohol and water contains also harmful impurity which need to be removed. The way of cleaning is applied to each type of impurity, but to a bowl of all are limited to influence of potassium permanganate and charcoal.

Ability is correct to define the home brew maturing moment very important for receiving good moonshine. At distillation of the overripe home brew decreases its qualitative parameters, and use of nedozrevshey home brew significantly reduces an exit of the final product. However the true ability to seize the opportunity when home brew ripened, comes with experience as for each type of raw materials there are special signs.

Active agents are formed and collect in plants during certain periods of their development therefore also preparation is made in strictly certain time. These substances in plants unevenly are distributed: at one (a lily of the valley, a bearberry, a brusnik they are concentrated in leaves, at others (a valerian, a jug, a glycyrrhiza, Kalgan) - in roots, at the third (a linden, a camomile, a hawthorn, tansies - in flowers, at the fourth (a dogrose, a guelder-rose, a juniper, raspberries - in fruits and, etc. It also defines so-called morphological raw accessory of plants.

Special unique aroma of spices is caused by the high content of essential oils and glyukozid which collect in these or those parts of plants. The range of spices is huge and to classify them, it is accepted on that which part of a plant is used: seeds - mustard, a nutmeg, an anise, caraway seeds; fruits - pepper (fragrant, black and red, bitter), cardamom, vanilla; flowers - a saffron, a carnation; flower kidneys capers; leaves - bay leaf, fennel, a tarragon, a marjoram, a chaber; bark - cinnamon, oak bark; roots - a horse-radish, ginger, a parsnip, a gold root.

Coals fill in with moonshine (at the rate of 50 g on liter) and, shaking up capacity on 3-4 times a day, insist a week more, but without shaking up any more, then filter through a flannel. Further it is possible to draw moonshine according to the following recipe: in capacity put 400 g of good raisin. 35 g of small cut fialkovy root also insist 12 days. Then again filter through a flannel. It is possible to dilute such alcohol only with the cooled-down boiled water, differently it will be.

For receiving moonshine with high tastes and good aroma are often used various fruit and berry raw materials from apples, a quince, a mountain ash, a mespilus, cherry, plum, raspberry, sweet cherry and other fruit and berries. One silt of the main factors influencing quality of a ready-made product - moonshine, is dirtiness of an initial product and its quality. So, for example, from apples it is better to use autumn and winter grades as they contain more sugar, acids and tannins, than summer. Winter grades of apples should allow to lie down, but the apples which ripened on a tree are more fragrant.