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Special case of memory cards are cards counters in which the value stored in memory can change only on a fixed value. Similar cards are used in customized applications with an advance payment (a payment for use of the call box, payment of parking, etc.)

On the volume of the carried-out works and productivity the most real is the project and the standard EM Number of Payment Systems and Large Financial Institutions already now declared its support. Also standards for an exchange of messages between payment systems are developed. So, in the majority of systems support of one of two standards is realized: with the fixed format of messages and a format of messages of variable length (ISO 85

The main difficulties which were found at creation and operation of system carried not technical, but organizational and economic character that is typical for payment systems on the basis of microprocessor cards.

Originally this module was developed for use with the VISA Cash and SmartCash (MasterCard) cards and supported AT&T and InterBold terminals. First of all, the modules providing loading on cards with a chip according to the VISA Stored Value Card Reload Description and SmartCash specifications enter a set of the main program modules (for VISA Cash and SmartCash). The specified set contains also subsystems of Data Definition, Pathway, Stored Value Card Log and Smart Card Authorisation.

The companies form SetCo association which will specialize on development and advance of SET. The association, besides Visa and MasterCard, can include other companies which signed the agreement on SET 0 - American Express, Diners Club, Novus and Air Travel Card.

The standard set of the modules providing network support of peripherals included additional software of NCR 5xxx Device Handler Smart Card Extension, MAC MASM Interface Smart Card Extension, BASE24 Release 0 Super Converter, InterBold 1000/IBM 478xxx Device Handler Smart Card Extension and PLUS ISO Interface Smart Card Extension.

Necessary information on the client is brought in a database of the processing center, and the size of a discount which registers in a card together with the sum of a contribution of the client and his PIN code automatically pays off.

According to informal data, Visa and MasterCard firms prepare new campaign for promotion of the protocol of safe electronic operations developed by them (Secure Electronic Transactions Protocol, or SET).

To process cards with a chip in real time, the ACI company offers the program BASE24-smartcard module which is included into the new version of family of BASE2 software products we Will consider it in more detail.

At account replenishment the current balance on a card automatically changes. When closing the account information on the client is transferred from a database to archive, from where it if necessary can be caused.

Digital Cash using digital or electronic cash (money) - the most radical form of electronic commerce. Probably, therefore its distribution is carried out rather slowly. The systems considered above are traditional in the basic plan - usual monetary transactions are realized in them in electronic Internet-option. At the same time electronic cash - new type of money. They can potentially lead to radical changes in monetary circulation and its regulation.