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The international market of the loan capitals binds the capitals of the vast majority of the countries that weakens opportunities to control this process in connection with inability to provide necessary interstate regulation.

As a rule, member countries of the trade conflicts do not seek to lead up them excessively, they are resolved by long negotiations, consultations, the addresses with complaints to the international organizations.

The international practice testifies that both tendencies are internally inherent characteristics of international trade. And the main problem in permission of a contradiction between these tendencies is a finding of their rational combination. When the balance of interests is broken, the rational combination turns into the contrast, there are contradictions.

Accumulating and redistributing the loan capital between the countries, the international market of the loan capitals acts in the form of the international monetary market and the international market of the capitals. It is known that within the country supply and demand of the loan capital are made in the market of the loan capitals which is usually subdivided into the monetary market and the market of the capital.

At the same time separate parts of this system on - to a miscellaneous in volume and structural expression are included in the world economic relations. The international value of this or that country, its certain region (city) is caused by their economic potential, a place in world system of a commodity production, technologies, finance, the general economic dynamics.