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The marketing focused on a vertical niche of the market seldom means creation of this niche and its subsequent deduction for itself. In the modern quickly changing world search of a niche of the market – process in itself dynamic. Remember that you have to create constantly the market for the production, but not try to hold in every way the old market or its any part.

Today in computer business vertical niches of the market for the least expensive types of the software and the cheapest types of electromechanical part of the COMPUTER are filled mainly the intermediary, but not actually with manufacturers of electronic equipment.

The intermediary working, for example, for such niche of the market as delivery of the COMPUTER for application in architecture, itself, most likely, will be the architect by training who mastered assembly of computers and their equipment by the software, but not the COMPUTER programmer or electronics engineer who learned architectural business.

the idea of the competition which is quite accepted for the closed and steadily existing system (here it is the main source of self-development), in modern economic life becomes already an obstacle for development.

Take two decisions which the potential buyer of the car needs to accept for an example: to buy the car or to hire it, most to drive it or to employ the driver from outside? You will be able to connect in four various ways all these opportunities of a choice together in interests of the business. In the same way production of computers and means of communication generates the mass of options for finding of a niche of the market if the producer manages to put needs and requests of the consumer for the first place in the economic strategy.

This concept of creation of new cost never existed earlier and therefore it is not so easy to acquire it. Let's say we buy the handle for one dollar. No doubt, the elementary accounts department will show to the producer that for him will be very successful transaction if it, having spent 50 cents for production of this handle, will receive 10 cents of profit. So, the industrialist has to sell to retail dealers the handle made by him for 60 cents. Retail dealers, perhaps, also conduct the accounts department which shows them that when they will spend for realization own means of 30 cents for the handle, profit of 10 cents also. will be for them very and very successful transaction. So, having added to 60 cents for each handle that they were sold by the industrialist, 30 cents of own means to organize sale of goods, and 10 cents on own profit, retail dealers can start selling handles to us, consumers, at the price of one dollar apiece.

At the same time, if you behave as the small businessman, you surely have to think of how and when to leave your niche of the market and to move your business to any other niche which you will be able to find or create.

And if it occurs, it is better for you to continue to focus the business on this niche. But thus your firm by all means has to have some attributes of the company of industrial era. First of all, it has to be ready to fight for a share of the market in the, well studied branch.

Also remember that if you now have a good niche of the market, and you decided to reorient your business in other niche, surely there will be any large company which will want to buy from you your business.

Ability to translate the available requirements and demand from language of requests and preferences of consumers for language of concrete goods and services which can be made becomes often main problem of the marketing focused on a niche of the market.

The production worker cannot often learn knowledge of the sphere of practical use of the production. For this purpose, actually, the intermediary is also necessary for it - the marketer capable in fat of professional knowledge about the sphere of use of the COMPUTER to find yet not filled niche in the market.

Today in the market there is a mass of opportunities how "to marry" goods, information and services under a roof of one company that it could deliver to the consumers a manor that unique and unsurpassed what they need or that wanted.