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Without people there is no organization. Without the necessary people any organization will not be able to achieve the objects and to survive. It is undoubted that the manpower relating to social and economic category, one of the most important aspects of the theory and practice of management.

Researches showed that the appraisal centers are excellent means of forecasting of working qualities of candidates. However they are very dear and therefore are usually used only by the large successful companies.

The successful program for development of shots promotes creation of labor possessing higher abilities and strong motivation to performance of the tasks facing the organization. It is natural that it has to conduct to growth of productivity, so, and to increase in value of human resources of the organization. If, for example, as a result of implementation of such program labor productivity of workers on assembly increases for 10% without increase in factory cost of products, the income on the capital invested by the organization in human resources development is much higher than this indicator.

The first step making work of the worker as much as possible productive, is vocational guidance and social adaptation in collective. If the management is interested in success of the worker on a new workplace, it has to remember always that the organization — is public system, and everyone workers is the personality. When the new person comes to the organization, he brings with himself earlier acquired experiences and views which can fit in or not fit into a new framework. If, for example, the last boss of the new worker was the masterful man and preferred to communicate only by correspondence, the worker will consider that it is better for it to send paper, than it is simple to lift a receiver though the new boss actually prefers oral communication.

Researches show that remunerations influence decisions of people on a for work, on truancies, on decisions on that, how many they have to make when and whether it is worth leaving the organization in general. Many researches that the quantity of truancies and turnover of staff directly are connected with an the earned reward. During the good work which gives content, the quantity of truancies tends to decrease. When work is unpleasant, the number of truancies considerably increases.

The organizations have a constant need for increase of labor productivity of the workers. Many organizations thus care and of the general quality of a manpower. One of ways of achievement of this purpose is the set and selection of the most qualified and capable new workers. However it is not enough. The management has to carry out also programs of systematic training and training of workers, helping full disclosure of their opportunities with the organization.

Interviews. Interviews still are the most widely applied method of selection of shots. Even employees of not administrative structure are employed seldom without at least one interview. Selection of the head of a high rank can demand tens interviews borrowing some months. At the same time, researches revealed a number of the problems reducing efficiency of interviews as the instrument of selection of shots.

Pupils have to feel feedback in relation to results of training, it is necessary to provide positive fixing of the passable material. It can occur in the form of a praise or recognition of progress from the teacher, or, in case of the computerized modern systems of training, in the form of direct feedback at the correct solution of the tasks offered by the program.

Having defined the future requirements, the management has to develop the program of their satisfaction. Requirements — it is the purpose, the program — means of its achievement. The program has to include the concrete schedule and actions for attraction, hiring, preparation and advance of the workers who are required for realization of the purposes of the organization

When determining the purposes of the organization the management has to define to a resources, necessary for their achievement. The in money, the equipment and materials is quite obvious. Seldom who from heads will miss these moments when planning. The need for people — too seems quite obvious. To a, often planning of human resources it is conducted in an inadequate way or to it it is not paid that attention of which it deserves.