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In work work of a rail and structural camp 800 Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works is considered. The general provision in the market of metal, NTMK is considered, work of a camp is analysed, calculations of capacity, the program and other indicators of work of a camp are carried out. Calculation is made in 3 options. Solutions on increase in sales volume are proposed.

Transition to the market relations, decline in demand for metallurgical production in the country and insolvency of consumers, strengthening of the competition put before the management of combine, its engineering services of a task of the accelerated modernization of combine and definition of the strategic directions of its further development.

Conclusion of combine to a modern technological level in steel-smelting production and essential increase of a technological level in all repartitions with release of high-quality competitive production.

It at us changes in the direction of decrease in a share of metal-consuming branches. Machine-tool construction, electrotechnical, heavy mechanical engineering, tractor, stroitelnodorozhny mechanical engineering — in all these branches active recession takes place.

The blooming cage 900 from the forward and back parties is equipped with working live rolls. Diameter of rollers is 400 mm, length of a barrel is 2400 mm, a step of rollers of 700 mm, number of rollers 17, the district speed of rollers is 2 m/s. Raskatny fields of the line of a camp 800 are also equipped with live rolls.

For small term works in the conditions of market economy at combine are carried out considerable organizational transformations that allowed to provide necessary level of production and to start implementation of programs of radical reconstruction and modernization of the enterprise. Implementation of programs by this — the main condition of effective work of collective.

Decrease by 15 — 20% of production of coke, cast iron, steel at preservation of volumes of release of ready hire with providing the following indicators, million tons: cast iron — 6,0; steel — 6,0; ready hire — 4,7; preparation commodity — 0,

Therefore further development of combine in all to the projects developed earlier was provided only on the way of reconstruction and modernization with use of the best domestic and foreign development.

Thus, the combine has considerable technological reserves on decrease in prime cost, improvement of quality and konkui hire rentosposobnost. It is confirmed also by that fact that practically all ready hire of combine is certified for the international requirements and has certificates of quality of the international organizations. Now the combine by right takes a place among recognized manufacturers of steel products in a foreign market.

End temperature 'rollings in a blooming cage has to be not below 1000 °C for square steel, 1050 °C for rails, 1100 — 1150 °C for other profiles. Temperature of the beginning of rolling on the line 800 has to be not. it is below 1020 °C, 'the end of rolling of 800 — 900 °C.

In these conditions it was required to carry out extraordinary measures for ensuring due level of production and preservation of collective that gave the chance to solve urgent problems of social and technical development during the difficult period of reorganization of economy. Use as ore raw materials pure on harmful impurity kachkanarsky vanadium of the containing ores and application of special technologies in domain and converter shops provide production of especially pure, so-called first-born steel and high-quality hire, competitive in the market of metals. About 50% of hire of combine are intended for work in the conditions of low temperatures, the considerable share of hire is characterized by the increased corrosion resistance. The most part of the made steel products has certificates of quality of the international organizations.