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Manifestations of this mechanism in a transitional economy are well-known. Domination of the state and pseudo-part corporations leads to increase, disproportions, first of all, in economic structure, dynamics of the prices, finance and so on.

In many countries, and in particular in what endure the difficult periods of transformation. The shadow economy not only makes noticeable part of economic activity, but also continues to extend. However even where scales of the phenomenon and the general social and economic background are also approximately identical, shadow economies significantly differ, for example, according to the following characteristics:

The essence of the new mechanism of allocation of resources is reduced to that separate institutes of economic system, using certain advantages of the situation (a high level of production concentration and (or) the capital, the corporate power and so Dahl, have an opportunity consciously (though in local, limited scales) to influence parameters of production of suppliers and consumers, the market, social life and so on.

It is possible to tell that for all countries which entered the period of system transformations, scales of distribution and structure of shadow economy have to be considered as important progress or failures of the carried-out reforms.