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. All Members from the country who are not possessing together 1,5% of shares of the capital of the company can collectively, together with all Members from one or bigger number of other countries which are in the same situation to propose to General meeting for election 1 candidacy in Board of directors provided that all these Members together own 1,5% of shares of the capital and each country cannot participate more than in one promotion.

For the purpose of ensuring the correct delivery of messages, all users of S.W.F.T. are supplied with the identifying codes (Bank Identifier Codes, BIC) which are addresses in a network (BIC codes can receive not only users of the S.W.F.T network.).

Messages which the financial organizations exchange in the interests are referred to category 2. The transfers containing requirements about cash flow concern to them, received by the financial organizations in own favor or advantage of other financial organizations, and also notices of the forthcoming instructions informing the financial organizations on means which have to arrive into accounts of senders.

The board of directors works on a voluntary basis, however the company pays to directors all travel expenses connected with participation in meetings of Council or any committees which can be organized by S.W.F.T., and General meeting, and also other expenses connected with activity of the company.

- a trigram auxiliary code (for the financial organization, not being the user of S.W.F.T. the alphabetic BIC code is put down; for the user of S.W.F.T. the trigram code can be used for identification of its concrete location in the countries.

Each message from the general group can be used in any of the categories of messages described below. Codes of messages of the general group look as n9M where n - is replaced with number of that category which in the best way answers the message purpose, 9 - points to special character of the message in each category, and the M defines concrete type of the message (for example, 0 - notices, 2 - requirements about cancellation, 5 and 6 - respectively, inquiries and answers).

. In case total number of the candidates proposed for election for Board of directors exceeds 25, the number of the candidacies proposed to General meeting has to be reduced by Board of directors by an exception superfluous of them according to the following sequence: